Soulja Boy returns with PS VIta clone

Posted on: January 16, 2019 In: Other News

Looks like Soulja Boy just won’t gave up on his console business even after Nintendo came after him for knockoff consoles that were sold on AliExpress for cheap with his branding on it and loaded with full of roms.

Even after claming his unbeatable and Nintendo comes after him then apologized, he just won’t stop and created another console that resembles a PS Vita.

But this time, if you actually donate you will get his console & watch for free out of lucky winner.

Visiting the page in Australia

The problem is, if you’ve visited the site in Australia (at least that what I’ve tested), it simply states “Soulja Boy may be located outside of your country and Cash doesn’t currently support sending to international recipients”.

Why can’t Cash just revoke his access on it’s platform after seeing all those backslash lol

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I’ve actually tried one of those knockoff consoles (image above). Man, is just a console with pre-installed roms from different system pinned to the homescreen. You can see the entire thing below:

The whole thing is just crazy.