Deactivate vs Delete (They are not the same!)

Posted on: February 7, 2019 In: Other News

When people often describe account that are essentially non existent, they use the word delete. Wrong!

Most of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc gives you x amount of time before they fully deletes your account. That means your account are basically hidden to the public in a way and username are still in use so you can restore your account if you wish to.

And this came after I saw the 21 Savage situation where Demi Lovato deactivates her Twitter account due to roast (meme) backslash.

Some of the biggest names in MSM has really messed up with the term. Variety, People, Mirror, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Channel24, NME, USA Today for example all said that she deleted her account.

While other well known sites like Billboard & Fox News reported her deactivated her account which is the correct term.

Her account technically not gone if you try to signup with her username or URL slug to be more specific and says that username is taken or in use. Meanwhile, she is still on Instagram.